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Facebook Advertising – The Answer To The ‘Like’ Button

Facebook Advertising – The Answer To The ‘Like’ Button

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Facebook posted a new video yesterday in an article called The Role of Facebook Advertising (read it here).

If you read through the article, and then watch the video, you’ll notice that Facebook makes mention of “the things you like” as a method of determining the ads that are displayed while you are using Facebook.

I’m of the opinion that the recent Facebook Fan Pages being changes from “Become a Fan” to “Like” is directly connected to the Facebook advertising system. As well as the emphasis that Facebook puts on the “Like” button.

Basically, the “Like” button – whether it’s “like’ing” what someone posted, or “like’ing” a Fan Page, the feedback from the “Like” function gives valuable data to the Facebook advertising platform.

So the ads you see, as you may or may not have already noticed, are typically displayed according to your overall pattern of what you “Like” (when you click the “Like” button) on Facebook.