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Consumer Report: Don’t Buy IPhone 4

steve jobs shows iphone at macworld1After lab reports performed by technicians at Consumer Reports, they have concluded that the antenna problem is a legitimate one.  Therefore they recommend that consumers do not purchase the Iphone 4.

There are two steel bands that run around the phone’s edge that function as an antenna.  Consumers soon discover that you will experience a dramatic loss in signal strength if you connect the steel bands with your hand when you hold it a certain way. 

This loss of signal strength is enough to drop a call and that is a huge no-no.  Apple’s relunctancy to truely address the issue as well as other problems gives the phone a negative report.

This isn’t some stoner computer hacker running tests in his basement; this is Consumer Report’s and when they talk, most people listen.

Steve Jobs’ arrogance has not helped the situation, so look for lawsuits and outcries for recalls to surface soon.  The public has supported you for a long time, Mr. Jobs, please do right by the people.

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