Savannah Brinson, LeBron James’ Girlfriend (Pictures & Photos)

savannah brinson 6

Savannah Brinson is in the news today because she accompanied LeBron James to New York City for Carmelo Anthony’s wedding. The wedding was a star studded event held in Manhattan, and there were no shortage of people standing by to get a glimpse of everyone in attendance.

When LeBron James showed up with is high school sweetheart, and still girlfriend, Savannah Brinson, the crowd started to boo LeBron.

Obviously, the New York fan base was not happy about his decision to go the Miami Heat.

Anyway, Savannah Brinson is LeBron James’ girlfriend. They have reportedly been together since LeBron was in high school.

Today, Savannah Brinson accompanied LeBron out of the Miami heat and headed to New York.

Here are some pictures of Savannah Brinson with LeBron James:

savannah brinson 1

savannah brinson 2

savannah brinson 3

savannah brinson 4

savannah brinson 5

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