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Free iPhone 4 Bumper Cases, Good Thru Sept 30th

Coming straight from Consumer Reports, the same people who DID NOT recommend people purchase the iPhone 4, is the same people who proved that the iPhone 4 antenna issue is resolved when using an Apple iPhone Bumper case.

The Consumer Reports test of the iPhone 4 with the Bumper case concluded that with the Bumper case, the antenna and loss of signal issue is nearly 100% mitigated. So Consumer Reports said the iPhone 4 with the Bumper case is fine, but said that consumers should not be the ones who have to fork over the $29 for the Bumper case.

Well everyone, guess what? Steve Jobs said today during his special iPhone 4 press conference that anyone with an iPhone 4 can get a free Bumper case. And if after 30 days from when you purchased your iPhone 4 if you are still not satisfied that you can return the iPhone 4 for a 100% refund.

The free iPhone 4 Bumper case offer is good through September 30th, 2010.

Otherwise Steve Jobs, and the entire Apple team are, and I quote from Steve Jobs…. “working their butts off to fix the iPhone 4 issue.”

So there ya’ go Consumer Reports, you got what you were looking for – free iPhone Bumper cases for all iPhone 4 owners.

Oh yeah, the next time you offer a review and find a problem, maybe you should follow up with the fact that the problem you found is applicable to only a small fraction of the products that are actually on the market… just a thought.

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