Google Adsense Not Updating, Adsense Reporting Maintenance July 19

** UPDATE – 10:21PM EST **  I just checked my Adsense account and the numbers are updating. Not sure yet if the system is 100% updated.

It’s around 10pm EST on July 19th and my Google Adsense information has not updated for at least the last 4 or 5 hours. This is something that I did not notice immediately, but after a couple of hours showing the same earnings, clicks, and impressions, then I started to suspect an issue.

Finally, I started researching the problem and even started getting concerned that something was going bad with my specific account.

However, after some researching and digging around the Adsense help forum I found this update from AdsensePro Chris:

Hi AdSense Publishers, Our engineers are doing some maintenance today and your reporting may be inaccurate for a couple of hours. Of course, your impressions and click data is being collected as usual, and there will be no impact on your earnings. Things just may look slow for a while.

I’ll reply here when the maintenance is completed. Sorry for any inconvenience.


You can follow the discussion here.

So has anyone seen their Google Adsense data start to come back on?