Fushigi Ball, How It Works (Youtube Video)

About 2 months ago, my son saw a commercial on a Saturday afternoon for the Fushigi Ball. The Fushigi Ball is, in essence, just a ball. Nothing fancy, nothing making it float (as they claim), and nothing else that defy’s the law and nature of our physical world.

The Fushigi Ball is designed in a way that the outer layer of the ball is transparent. So as you play around with the ball, it gives the illusion to on-lookers that the ball is floating. And yes, it is an illusion – magic if you will – because as I said, nothing is defying the law of physics here.

The people in the commercials are doing what’s called contact juggling. Contact juggling is basically the efficient movement of a ball – in this case the Fushigi Ball – around your hand in a way that would otherwise entertain an audience.

So here’s a quick Fushigi Ball, how it works video from Youtube: