Fushigi Ball, How It Works (Youtube Video)

About 2 months ago, my son saw a commercial on a Saturday afternoon for the Fushigi Ball. The Fushigi Ball is, in essence, just a ball. Nothing fancy, nothing making it float (as they claim), and nothing else that defy’s the law and nature of our physical world.

The Fushigi Ball is designed in a way that the outer layer of the ball is transparent. So as you play around with the ball, it gives the illusion to on-lookers that the ball is floating. And yes, it is an illusion – magic if you will – because as I said, nothing is defying the law of physics here.

The people in the commercials are doing what’s called contact juggling. Contact juggling is basically the efficient movement of a ball – in this case the Fushigi Ball – around your hand in a way that would otherwise entertain an audience.

So here’s a quick Fushigi Ball, how it works video from Youtube:

13 Responses to “Fushigi Ball, How It Works (Youtube Video)”

  1. Curiousgeorge

    Well done video. Thanks!

  2. Loudmouth008

    thats g*y

  3. Lassiek9

    nice job- I also agree well done, and thanks for the insight

  4. cheri

    Excellent video, very well demonstrated !!!

  5. 1234

    I think he should be better than that by now. Lack of practice is showing just how difficult it is to get good at contact juggling.

  6. Wc5660

    Great job. Now I can tell my kids im not buying them “some magic ball” they can just go use a softball. You saved me money thank you.

  7. Chad

    The Fushigi magic gravity ball is very cool once you learn how to use it. It’s like riding a skateboard, it takes some practice and skill. The DVD that comes with it shows you how to do 20 different tricks with it. It does take about 1 or 2 weeks to get fairly good with it.
    Best price and fastest shipping came from http://www.FushigiStore.com They have the chrome and glow in the dark fushigi balls in stock.

  8. Doc

    Who paid $20 bux for an acrylic superball?

  9. brandon

    i think he should juggle these nuts! b/c i bought five of those f**kin things and they are so g*y its not even funny… ill save u the money and say u can do it with any ball!

  10. Skittlelover5

    This is kinda stupid! How does it float!?!?!?!?!? ^_^

  11. BretonFolk

    lol it’s obvious in the commercial that it’s not floating. You can see that the ball is transparent on the outside and darker to the center. It only looks impressive because your eyes aren’t focusing on the transparent edge….(it’s an illusion…not a very impressive one either)


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