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Fushigi Ball – The Fushigi Ball Craze Begins (Fushigi Ball Video)

Fushigi Ball – The Fushigi Ball Craze Begins (Fushigi Ball Video)

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Earlier today, around 3:00pm or so, my 8 year old son came running into the run saying, “hey dad, come check this out!” So since I always try to be supportive to my son’s interests, I stopped blogging for a second to see what he was talking about. What he was watching on TV was a commercial for this thing called The Fushigi Ball.

The Fushigi Ball – is it real?

So as I was watching the commercial for the Fushigi Ball, I found myself both slightly fascinated, and yet slightly skeptical simultaneously. I wasn’t sure if what I was watching was real or not – I mean, can the Fushigi Ball really elevate off your hand and arm and defy gravity?

The whole point of my son showing me the commercial to the Fushigi Ball was, of course, he wanted to ask me if he could get it. My response, which was so typical, was “son, you’ll have to go ask your mother.” Which was funny because he picked up my iPhone can immediately called his mother to ask if he could get the Fushigi Ball.

We then proceeded over to the Fushigi Ball website ) where there was more information, videos, and of course a place where you can order.

My overall impression of the Fushigi Ball was that, really, it was nothing more than a ball. I mean, am I missing something here with the Fushigi Ball?

It’s just a ball that is made out of some weird material – right?

We aren’t talking about something that can actually defy gravity or anything.

The Fushigi Ball is, after all, just a ball.

But… that isn’t what’s most important here – the critically important thing is that an 8 year old finds the Fushigi Ball very fascinating and really wants one.

So my take on it is that he can save up his $35 ($19.99 plus tax and shipping), and he can get himself a nice shiny new Fushigi Ball.

Here’s the Fushigi Ball commercial:

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Hi Robert,

I hate to burst your son's bubble, but most of what you've heard is modern marketing hype surrounding an invention that has existed for roughly twenty years (and in the case of multi-ball work, since about the 1500's).

What the Fushigi ball actually is, is a solid chrome sphere surrounded by a thin layer of acrylic or polycarbonate. Previous contact juggling balls were made of pure crystal, acrylic, chrome, rubber, or even wood! The original Fushigi ball was simply an acrylic contact juggling ball, but it had the unfortunate side effect of causing fires if left in direct sunlight, which is why they have now stuck a chrome ball in the center.

Just to be clear, there is no magic trick or gimmick, no mechanism inside that actually make it defy gravity and float away. This is a perceptual illusion called "isolation", which you can see in many Youtube videos if you search for "contact juggling".

I do have to say, though, that any acrylic ball, even a Fushigi ball, looks quite striking when maneuvered correctly. But contrary to what is implied in the commercials, be aware that the artists involved have put in many months if not years perfecting the visual aspects of this beautiful art form! And there's a reason for that: contact juggling is extremely addictive!!

Thank you for enlightening people to our true art form. I contact juggle professionally and have noticed a considerable impact on public perception of this art form. People no longer appreciate it. It used to be the most amazing thing people have every seen. Now they think anyone can do it because the commercial says so. I can't express how deeply this commercial saddens me.

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The "tricks" shown on the fushigiball commercial look really cool…but also really difficult. I do not discount the talent and dedication of those disciplined enough to learn the art form at all! When my 8 y-o son asks for one, the answer will be "NO", as I am sure the ball would wind up in the same box as the Squirmles, the light-up thumbs, and the devil sticks!

So I’m a little behind, I just saw this commercial for the first time. I juggle, and I’ve dabbled in contact juggling a little. When I saw the commercial, I was stunned that someone was trying to say that all you needed to be a contact juggler was a fushigi ball. That’s like claiming that if you buy my set of 5 Shatameko balls, you can juggle 5 balls and amaze your friends in no time.

Contact juggling is a very easy art to get involved in…all you need is a round orange (or my favorite…a pool ball) and a bed to stand next to. Then you just get on Youtube and search “How to contact juggle” and you’ll be learning…for next to nothing. DO NOT PAY $20 for a dedicated contact juggling ball UNTIL you can do the butterfly and the butterfly transfer with a tennis ball-sized orange.

Wow. It’s a ball. Nothing special about the ball, it’s the techniques used with it that look cool. (Not THAT cool, BTW.) The price they want for REALLY, JUST A BALL is ridiculous. This is the power of marketing.

The Fushigi magic gravity ball is very cool once you learn how to use it. It’s like riding a skateboard, it takes some practice and skill. The DVD that comes with it shows you how to do 20 different tricks with it. It does take about 1 or 2 weeks to get fairly good with it.

Best price and fastest shipping came from They have the chrome and glow in the dark fushigi balls in stock.

I mean really, Fushigi is totaly FAKE! I’m nine, and I see the trick. It’s an illusion, people. These people are completely lying to your amazed faces.It’s a metal ball, covered in glass. People will know sooner or later. If you break it on hardwood floor, you will see the metal! THIS IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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