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Android Smartphone Market Explodes in UK, Up 350%

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The British love their smartphones!

In fact, they love their smartphones so much that the marketshare of mobile phones in the UK has expanded to 73.5% of the UK contract market.

That’s up from 55% in the first quarter of this year, and 66.7%, the second quarter average.

Android explodes in the UK

Those numbers are nothing when you look at the Android smartphone growth in the UK.

Android smartphones have grown at a blazing 350% from Q1 to Q2 of this year.

The Android marketshare in the UK sits at 13.2% in Q2, up from only 3% in Q1.

So that’s 350% growth rate in just one quarter!

And with all of the new Android smartphones, coupled with the new iPhones hitting the UK market, you’re talking about unprecedented future growth for the mobile market in the UK!

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