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K-Mart Launches $149 Android Tablet (iPad Killer?)

kmart android tablet augen

Ok, so maybe not an iPad killer.

But I have to admit that this type of tablet is going to certain cut into the iPad market share!

K-Mart just released a $149, 7″ Android powered tablet called the Augen GenTouch 78

What do you get for the $149 ($149.99 to be exact):

The Augen GenTouch 78 7″ tablet is now available for $149.99 with the following features:

  • 800×480 color TFT touch panel screen
  • CPU: 800 Mhz
  • RAM: DDR2 256mb
  • Internal Memory: 2GB
  • OS: Android 2.1
  • Expansion Slots: SD/MMC card slot up to 16GB
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity with full web browsing capability
  • Supports Ebook Formats: Text, PDF, E-PUB, HTML
  • Supports Media Formats: MP3, WMA, FLAC, AAC
  • Picture Viewer in JPEG, BMP
  • Video Player
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • Leather carrying case, USB cable, and AC adapter included

That’s right, you’ll get a free leather carrying case for your tablet as well. All for the price of $149.99.

And I suppose you could also pick up a 3G data package from Verizon as well for another $30 a month.

All in all, the Augen Android tablet at K-Mart is something that will certain fly off the shelves.

You can save about $350 by buying the Augen from K-Mart instead of the iPad.

That’s a 350 reasons that a lot people might like!

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