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The $35, Solar Powered Linux Tablet Is Coming

India is ready to release a tablet device to students that is said to rival Apple’s iPad and could go into production as soon as 2011.

The interesting thing about this unnamed tablet device is that:

1)  The retail cost can be as low as $35

2)  The Indian government plans on subsidizing the device to students, who will then be able to purchase it for $10 or $20.

3)  It is a Linux based tablet device

The tablet would be used for word processing, web browsing and video conferencing. It would come fully equipped with an internet browser, Wi-Fi connectivity, a multimedia player, PDF reader, video conferencing ability and be supported by a two-watt backup source.

The tablet would also offer solar power, which would come at an additional cost, according to theAssociated Press and News Ok.

If this device works, and the price is only $35, then India can expect to have a flurry of market exposure throughout the world.

And simultaneously, the Apple iPad price point would shaken as well and Apple may be forced to drop their price.

So what do you think?

Is India onto something here with their proposed $35 tablet that after being subsidized, could cost India’s students as little as $10?

Plus, what about this solar powering of the tablet?

This is a actually a great concept for powering all mobile devices.

Could you imagine having your iPhone or iPad solar powered?

Never again would you have to worry about losing your power while you’re out and about with your device.


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