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LG Android Tablet Here By Christmas

The Android tablet market is heating up!

LG has announced that their own branded tablet device is expected by Q4 2010, or by the holiday season. MEE7DPC9GWHT  The Android powered LG tablet is expected to offer superior performance compared to other tablet devices such as the iPad, while still managing to be thinner and lighter than the iPad.

The only problem with LG launching their own branded tablet device is that they already are having problems keeping up with their obligations to Apple’s iPad.

You see, LG is responsible for the production of the screens of the iPad. The man in charge of LG’s display division, Kwon Young-Soo, as saying, “Apple may have to delay launches of the iPad for some countries due to tight component supplies and strong demand. We are considering increasing production lines for iPad products but overall supply is likely to remain tight until early next year,” according to Wired.

So with LG having troubles keeping up with their iPad obligations, they may be hard pressed to find the resources to keep their own branded tablet device on the shelves.

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