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Call Your Facebook Friends For Free, Vonage Mobile for Facebook (Video)

vonage facebook free call app

The days of traditional phone calling are quickly come to an end.

The rise of social networks like Facebook are opening the doors to entirely new ways for friends to connect and communicate.

Since Facebook is a web driven platform, doesn’t it make sense that it was only a matter of time before a “call your Facebook friends” app was developed?

Introducing the Vonage Mobile App for Facebook (see the “how to” below)

Vonage Mobile for Facebook is available as a free download for any iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phone users.

The Vonage App actually shows the iPad as a device that is Coming Soon!

So does this mean that the iPad will have mobile phone capabilities for voice communication?

Anyway – that’s for another article.

To use the new Vonage Mobile App for Facebook you simply sign in with your Facebook username and see a list of Facebook friends who also have the app. Tapping a name places a call to the friend, whose phone rings. The app doesn’t need to be running on the friend’s phone for the call to go through.

“Essentially, we’ve given Facebook a voice,” said Marc Lefar, the CEO of Vonage Holdings Corp., which is based in Holmdel, N.J.

Based on test results conducted in New York City, call quality varies.

So if you download the app, make sure you understand that this is new technology and probably still rough around the edges.

How to get Vonage Mobile App for Facebook

1) Go to Vonage on Facebook (click here)

2)  iPhone® or Android™ OS users get a direct download link sent to your smartphone by entering your mobile number.  If you an iPod touch, iPad (coming soon) or non-U.S. mobile numbers get the app from the iTunes App Store or Android Market.

3) Follow instructions from the text message

Video from Vonage on the Vonage Mobile for Facebook app:

I’m going through the process of trying out this new app right now.

Check it out for yourself and then let us all know what you think in the comments below!

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