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Make Calls From Your iPad… Really?

Vonage just released this new “call your Facebook friends for free” app called Vonage Mobile for Facebook. Basically, this app will allow you to make calls to your Facebook friends, anywhere in the world and from any carrier in the world, for absolutely free.

So I was installing the app on my iPhone from the Vonage Facebook page when I noticed something very interesting… check it out:

I know that a lot of the new Android tablets that are coming out will be enabled for the two way video and talk – take the Samsung Galaxy Tab for example.

But the iPad is not yet enabled for this, so is it possible that Vonage knows something that we don’t?

I know it only makes sense that Apple’s future iterations of the iPad have two way conferencing, but nothing official has been announced yet from Apple.

And now with Vonage saying they are already set with the Vonage Facebook for Mobile app for the iPad, this seems like a done deal – we are just waiting for the next generation of iPads to be released.

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