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Viewsonic Android Tablet Leak (Rumor)

Rumor has it that Viewsonic has a new tablet device under production.

Viewsonic, who is much better known for their monitors and other computer accessories, is said to be launching a 7″ tablet device by this fall.

The Viewsonic tablet will feature Android 2.2 (Froyo) and wide range of connectivity options including voice calls via GSM, and either a 3MP or 5MP camera on the back.

The rumored Viewsonic tablet device is expected to land in the UK within eight weeks for between £300-400 then roll out across Europe.

This adds to the fast growing list of other Android powered tablet devices that are coming online in response to the successful iPad.

The leverage new Android powered device can have over the iPad is price. Some Android tablets are going to cost a little as $35.

So how do you think these Android devices measure up the iPad?

Will these inexpensive (comparable) tablet devices force Apple to drop their iPad price?

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