White iPhone 4 Availability Update

The white iPhone 4 has become one of the hottest, most in demand mobile phones in history. It was once believed that August (this month) would be the white iPhone 4 release date. However, white iPhone 4 supply problems prevented that from happening. The latest update from Apple still has the white iPhone 4 coming by the end of the year. So with about 4 months remaining in the year, I guess it’s safe to say that the white iPhone 4 will be here within a few months. Until then, retailers are trying to convince their customers that a black iPhone 4 is a great alternative. What are your thoughts on the white iPhone 4 issue?

3 Responses to “White iPhone 4 Availability Update”

  1. AppleInsiderNxtGen

    white iphone 4 may/may not be available after sept. 30. It wouldn’t surprise this developer.

  2. Robert Holland

    what’s your source for this?

  3. Lolz

    is the white iphone 4 out yet?


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