Verizon 4G Expected In New York City Soon

verizon 4g new york city

Verizon is expected to take a much different approach to bringing 4G online than Sprint. Sprint took, and continues to take, a slow reserved roll out of their WiMax 4G coverage. Smaller cities, smaller markets, make it easier I suppose for Sprint to manage and learn how to build their 4G networks. Verizon, however, is rumored to take a much more aggressive approach with their 4G network. Cities such as San Francisco, Dallas/Fort Worth, Atlanta, and yes… New York City, are expected to be up to bat first with Verizon’s 4G network. Verizon’s 4G speed of 12 Mbps is expected to cover three quarters of their current service map by April 2012, and all of the Verizon 3G coverage by 2013.

via Electronista

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