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Facebok Login Problems Continue, (Facebook Down or Hacked?)

facebook down hacked

Yesterday, Facebook users were reporting widespread login problems. These users were reporting issues from all locations globally so it obviously isn’t isolated to a specific location or server.

With the Facebook login problems continue on today, and actually some reporting the issues are getting worse, there is not speculation that Facebook has actually been hacked.

Whether Facebook has been hacked, or servers are just down preventing users from logging in, one thing is for sure – people are not happy about the Facebook issues.

What message are you getting?

So are you trying to login to Facebook but having issues?

What are the errors you are receiving?

What messages, if any are you seeing?

Or are you just getting a blank white screen, or Facebook not loading at all?

29 replies on “Facebok Login Problems Continue, (Facebook Down or Hacked?)”

Cannot connect to facebook today 9/23/2010.
Service Unavailable – DNS failureThe server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

Reference #11.42f74543.1285275161.———etc..
Who else is having this problem today? Can we fix it? Or is it actually FACEBOOKS PROBLEM???

I got this message just now:

Service Unavailable – DNS failure
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.
Reference #11.34268343.1285275578.2dddc5

This is what I’m getting if I want to log on to FB

Service Unavailable – DNS failure
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

Reference #11.7ca16c3.1285275267.40019fdb

Is there a way to really find out what is going on, is FB trying to do this so they can introduce FB payable later on??

I had all F/B apps up until 10:00am PST today; however, the services were slow. At about 12 noon the DNS notifications started. I thought is was because of a Game request for a new bookmark were downloaded but all of my computers were affected. I did go the Zynga (games) website to see if this was a gaming issue (because at that time I could pull up a F/B home page) and found that most everyone stated having problems yesterday. So I’m wondering which came first, the problems with the games or F/B. It’s no secret that many games add viruses, to make matters worse, there is a worm going around that has affected places like NASA so way couldn’t it hit F/B?

Interesting! On Sept. 29, hacker changed my facebook password, picture, name, AND the email passwod associated with the account. Any previous facebook posts I made in the past year reflected the new picture/name. We literally watched as hacker proceeded to the Zynga site & played! We contacted Zynga while this was in process but they could do nothing. Today, 3 days later, nothing has been resolved whatsoever; I have no facebook, no Zynga & no access to the email id. Facebook is losing their intial focus as a “social network” and affiliation with the gaming websites – & viruses as you mention – is only going to perpetuate the problem!

Facebook has been doing some updates as of yesterday. They already accomplished tweaking the Game Update feature if you hadn’t already noticed, which was the reason for downtime yesterday. It shouldn’t take long. :)

During this might you might experience blank pages, pages saying “server could not be reached,” broken links, glitchy features, slow performance, prompts to download Facebook pages, etc. This is normal; just be patient.

Contrary to some other answers, a) its servers have not been hit by lightning because that’s not possible, b) it’s not the end of the world, c) its servers have not “shut down” or whatever – upgrading the website does NOT mean the servers were shut down, and d) it’s not happening to everyone – Facebook usually updates some servers at one point, and then others at other times. Facebook might be down in one country or region and up in another.

Thanks for the info Claudia. I didn’t start having problems with FB until about 5 hrs ago…..couldn’t get on at all. Then I got on for about an hr…and now can’t get back on. I thought maybe FB was under attack becuz the CEO was donating money to New Jersey schools, or becuz of the movie coming out about FB….LOL…j/k I know we all just need to be patient, but as an avid game player/FB fanatic, it’s just not easy :)

Every time I try to log on to facebook, it tells me my password is wrong and I have to reset it – very annoying. I have deleted all cache cookie things as directed in facebook help but still no joy – any answers would be most welcome! I am starting to think that I have no other life…!

I can log in at first but as soon as I click on someones page, the login in page comes up again, saying I have to log in.This is happening everyitme I log in.Can anyone help?

we here in the phil are having an on and out log in problem…means we can log in then after browsing a couple of times a message shows a please log in to continue…wth…can sum1 help us about this problem…tnx

I am still September 28, 2010, and I have had not been able to use internet explore. It is the problems of Microsoft even if the do not want to admitted it I used Google, and other browser and I do not have any problems when I sign in using explore I go to a fake Facebook. Hey what is going on?
a concern citizen

i logged in while abroad now bACK home in the uk it want to verify my account but pic ive got loas of game friends ive met on there never seen there pics and i have to verify my account by saying who they are……………………..well good buy facebook youve killed an avi user off …..great marketing move


telling me there was a suspicious login from san diego, California. I live in Buffalo, NY. On top of that my security question has been changed, not by me. Hence I can’t log in.

I got loads of that link messages but didnt open it, only open 2 and delete all the link messages. I used facebook for a week and now this morning I must verify my account and I did change my passwords (now not my old or new password doesnt work) but pic ive got load of friends on my profile i have to verify my account by saying who they are…. still cannot log in to facebook… what’s happing?????

Seems a trojan and a phony captcha was attachted to my sign in it has arabic names and identies its loading thread string error messages to deny access thru duping the user into believing that they are reseting their password. its an attatched back door trojan do not reset with anythign sent to you like that.. and captchas never respond and they steal your phone and data

I can’t login today, with either Internet Eplorer or Firefox. I could earlier today, but suddently things slowed down in Facebook, not moving, so I closed the browser but then couldn’t login after that.

not logged in
Please log in to continue. is the msg i get everytime i clearly am logged on…
and also it keeps signing me out every few minutes or so

i tried switching browsers and deleting cache etc. but still the same problem
i also know its not my pc because the same thing happens on my phone

I’m suspicious about this whole thing. When I went on very early in the morning I got the message saying I couldn’t go to the login site and that was fine and I didn’t think anything of it, but when I went back on minutes later I got a popup message supposedly from Facebook asking me to click “OK” in regards to there new privacy settings which I didn’t even have the option to view more then 3 steps which were only a sentence long. The message had a list of 1,2,3, followed by a sentence a piece and no option of viewing the full agreement terms. It said if I clicked “ok” I could login so I immediately shut down my computer because I feared it had been hacked or something. When I woke up later I didn’t think much about this. I just figured I was being paranoid until I saw the Facebook down thing that was trending. After I saw that, and the story, I started thinking that maybe the site did hacked. It makes more sense to me then the site being under unannounced maintenance

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