3 “Must Have” iPhone 5 Features

iphone 5 features

The iPhone 5 release date is expected next summer (July 2011). However, there aren’t a lot of details out about what to expect with the next generation of the iPhone except for a lot of rumors and speculations. Based on what I’ve read though, there are some features that people have been asking for (hoping for) to see on the iPhone 5.

Here are 3 features that I’ve seen most about what people want to see on the next version of the iPhone – the iPhone 5:

1) Bluetooth file transfer – with apps like DropBox and other online file sharing / transferring services, a feature like bluetooth file transferring would be a really cool feature. Although it may be something that the less tech-savvy users would need to get used to, it would quite possibly be the end of the jump drive!

2) Quick reply SMS (replying right in the push notification) – this is something that would help speed up the texting process exponentially on the iPhone. When you get a text message currently, you have to either close the app you are working on to open the SMS app, or double click the home key to multi-task and hope the SMS app is there. Either way, you have to open the SMS app to reply – it would be great to be able to reply right in the notification window.

3) 64GB iPhone – finally, people are constantly looking for the 64GB model of the iPhone. A lot of people thought we’d see the 64GB iPhone 4, but that hasn’t happened yet. So maybe with the iPhone 5 we’ll finally get the 64GB version.

What other features would you like to see on the iPhone 5?

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