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top 5 stocks market trends

According to Google Finance, here are the top 5 stocks that were winners today, Tuesday, October 12, 2010.

1) King Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Public, NYSE:KG) – up 39.31% – King Pharmaceuticals (KG) shares are up up 39.5 percent to $14.15 on news Pfizer is taking over the company. Bloomberg had an interesting story highlighting action a couple of months ago. (source: WhatsTrading)

2)  Myriad Genetics, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:MYGN) – up 10.28% – The increase in trading volume and price shows that investor are very optimistic regarding the stock and are expecting positive earnings in coming quarters. Intraday trading could provide healthy one day returns. (source LB News)

3)  OfficeMax Incorporated (Public, NYSE:OMX) – up 9.34% – Shares of OfficeMax (OMX) and Office Depot (ODP) are both higher this morning after JP Morgan analyst Christopher Horvers “ran the numbers” on the office supply stocks, deeming them worth much more than the stocks reflect. (source: Barrons)

4)  Green Mountain Coffee Roaster Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:GMCR) – up 7.22% – Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ stock, which has tumbled 27% over the past two weeks following news of a Securities and Exchange Commission investigation, closed 7.2% higher Tuesday. The buying frenzy was sparked by speculation that Nestle, the world’s largest food company, was considering making a bid for the specialty coffee maker. (source:  CNNMoney)

5)  RealPage, Inc. (Public, NASDAQ:RP) – up 6.78% – no news available about RealPage, Inc.

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