White iPhone 4 Spotted, Plus A Reason For The Delay (Images)

The White iPhone 4 has been spotted in the wild. Ok, not quite the wild – actually in New York City at a press event just this past week. Actually, this could have every easily been at Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 event… anyway, the point is that the person who was the legitimate white iPhone 4 said he got it from someone he knew at Apple.

Apparently, there are boxes upon boxes of white iPhone 4’s sitting at in Apple’s offices in Cupertino. But the problem for the delay, according to this white iPhone 4 source, is because the white home button does not match the white color of the casing – a major problem for the O.C.D. prone CEO Steve Jobs.

Here’s a couple of photos of the white iPhone 4 spotted in New York City:

white iphone4 a

white iphone4 b

white iphone4 c

via PC World, Pocket-Lint

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