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4 New Features Coming To Facebook Photos (Video)

facebook photos upgrade

Sharing photos on Facebook is without a doubt one of the most popular activities users engage with. People get excited to share photos of their family, friends, and events. And over the past couple of years, Facebook has been listening to customer requests for new features with Facebook photos, and now they are about to launch some upgrades that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

3 New Features Coming to Facebook Photos

1) Drag and drop – Facebook will be adding a drag and drop feature that will allow you to rearrange the order of your albums on your photo’s tab. This feature will give you complete control over the placement of your Facebook albums on your photo’s tab.

2) High resolution photo option – you’ll be given the option to upload your photos in high resolution. This will allow your Facebook friends to enjoy high resolution (or high def if you will…) photos that you share. If you chose the high resolution option for your Facebook photos, the upload process could take up to 10 times (10x) longer.

3) Downloading high resolution photos – the other neat feature along with uploading high resolution photos is the ability to download and print high resolution photos right from your Facebook profile. Being able download your high resolution photos from Facebook will allow you to quickly and easily print your’s or your friend’s favorite photos.

4) In line photo browsing (in line web browser) – one thing that has frustrated users when viewing photos is that a new browser window would pop open, taking them away from their current browsing window. With Facebook’s new in line photo browsing feature, you’ll now be able to view entire photo albums right from the same browser window in what’s called in line photo browsing.

There has not been a released date finalized for these features with Facebook photos.

Watch the Facebook photo’s promo video below:

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