How To Earn “Votes” For Your Facebook Fan Page

voting liking facebook fan pageToday is election today across the country. People are getting ready to vote for change, if you will… they will head to the voting polls, cast their vote, and in the process let the world know what they stand for and who they support.

The more people “vote” for a particular candidate, the popular and relevant that candidate becomes, and the closer that candidate gets to winning the election.

Did you know that your Facebook Fan Page acts as your own (your business, brand, message, book, music group, product, etc…) campaign management platform?

Wow, that seems like a stretch doesn’t it?

It’s not a stretch at all, and here’s why…

Your Facebook Fan Page can easily become your most powerful platform for brand exposure and growth. The reason is because each time someone (one of your fans) posts something to your Fan Page, comments on an update, or “Likes” (or thumbs up) one of your updates, you are in essence receiving a “vote” from that person.

Even more powerful than voting for a political candidate, when someone “votes” for your Facebook Fan Page, they actually let all of their friends on Facebook know what they just voted on.

Think about it… if you were to visit my Facebook Fan Page and click “Like” on an update, or leave a comment, all of your existing friends on Facebook would see your action in their news feed – in essence, they would see who who just voted for, or what you just voted on.

My point is this – your Facebook Fan Page is a powerful tool outside of yourself. You have to find ways to get people interacting with your Fan Page. Because each interaction from other people on your Fan Page is a virally exposed “vote” on your Fan Page to all of their friends.

Remember, on Facebook it only takes a couple of people interacting (voting) for your Facebook Fan Page and before you know it, you’ve exposed your brand to potentially thousands of people.

What are some ways you see people interacting with your Facebook Fan Page?

And have you ever noticed a correlation between interaction on your fan page and new fans?

I guarantee you happens because again, each interaction is a public “vote” of confidence from one person to all of their friends on Facebook.

You just may not have ever noticed the correlation before.

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