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facebook data center energy efficient

Facebook is working hard to find ways to make their massive data center network more energy efficient. Facebook’s social network is generating 65 billion page views per month, and that takes a lot of server power to handle. And with data centers spread throughout the United States, Facebook is showing concerns for the environment by finding ways to make those servers run more efficiently, and be more environmentally friendly.

Here’s some recent data on Facebook’s efforts to make their data centers more energy efficient:

Recently we¬†shared the energy efficiency strategies we deployed at one of our leased data centers. Today we’re sharing the energy efficiency strategies we applied at a second, smaller data center that resulted in an annual electricity savings of 2,876,360 kWh, reducing annual demand by 329 kW. These savings translate into a reduction of 1,088 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. According to EPA calculations, the energy savings gained from this project are equivalent to the emissions of 395 cars or the electricity usage of 251 homes. Furthermore, we reduced our annual electricity costs for this data center by about $273,000.

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