*Merry Christmas* Google Offering Free WiFi On Flights During The Holidays

google free wifi domestic flights

The Christmas spirit has overcome Mountain View, California early this year because Google just announced they will be offering free WiFi on all flights with AirTran, Delta, and Virgin America airlines.

The Airlines have teamed up with Google to deliver free GoGo Inflight Internet – a combination of free WiFi running on Google Chrome, Google’s custom web browser.

GoGo Inflight Internet will only be offered on domestic flights (flights in the US).

So what does this mean from a numbers standpoint?

Roughly 15 million travelers on 700 planes from November 20th – January 2nd.

Typically, GoGo Inflight internet service is offered with rates ranging from $4.95 for up to 1.5 hours and $49.95 for a six-session package.

In typical Google fashion, the service is going to be offered for free. This will not only keep passengers a little more pleasant during the flight – or moreso during the layovers on the runways – but will also keep people online which gives Google more ad impressions for their advertisers…. not a bad deal after all for Google!

via LATimes

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