Kobe Bryant “Call of Duty: Black Ops” Commercial (Video)

I was listening to ESPN Radio today and they were talking about Kobe Bryant in his new Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial. And the discussion was all about how some people are outraged that Kobe Bryant would put himself in a commercial that seems to be encouraging war, guns, killing, and all of the above giving you a “smile” and “happy feelings”. And of course, the ones who were (are) most upset are parents. And why were these parents upset you ask? ┬áBecause they are the ones who rely on super stars, movie stars, sports figures, etc… to influence their children.

Hang on a minute. As a parent myself, shouldn’t “I” be the one who is influencing my children – not Kobe Bryant?

Anyway, here’s the Kobe Bryant Call of Duty: ┬áBlack Ops commercial that has parents in an uproar – check it out: