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Phrases Beats Out FarmVille As #1 Facebook App

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The world of social media gaming was changed, almost overnight, with Facebook’s hit game Farmville. I remember last year watching my nieces and nephews who were as young as 6 years old playing Farmville on their parents Facebook account.

But Farmville is no longer the #1 app on Facebook. I know… it’s hard to believe that something has actually knocked it out of first place, but it’s true.

Now, the #1 app on Facebook is an app called Phrases, according to

Phrases allows users to “self express” themselves within their wall updates through images and phrases.

What’s weird though is that when I tried to access Phrases, I got the following message:

Sorry, currently¬†Phrases¬†can’t be accessed from within the US.

We’ve had to make this tough decision in spite of the support of our fans in the US. Currently we have no timeline for lifting this restriction. We’re really sorry!

So that’s weird – Phrases can’t be accessed in the US?

I’m guessing that their hold on the #1 app is going to be short lived.

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