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Facebook Should Built It’s Own Browser

the facebook browser

I’ve been forming an opinion lately that Facebook should go ahead and build it’s own browser.

Let’s called it The Facebook Browser

Why?  You ask…

It’s simple. Facebook has 500 million users, over 220 million users login daily, over 2o0 million access the social network via their mobile phone, and by the year 2012 it is estimated that nearly 600 million (or more…) people will be using Facebook.

Because of it’s shear number, size, and page view count, a browser would be the best thing for users to have.

Because with a Facebook browser you’d get a really sweet Facebook toolbar, and you could have something like iGoogle as your default homepage – except it would be iFacebook.

What are your thoughts about Facebook building its own browser?

If you like the concept, what are some different ways the Facebook browser could be structured?  i.e., features, layout, design, integration, feeds, etc…?

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