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AT&T To Sell The iPhone 3GS For Only $49, Starting Friday

49 iphone 3gs att

If you’ve been looking for a sign that Verizon iphone is coming this month, here’s one of the biggest indicators of the century.

Starting this Friday (tomorrow), AT&T is going to sell the iPhone 3GS for only $49.

That’s right – no additional zeros anywhere in that figure – $49.00 straight up for the iPhone 3GS at AT&T starting tomorrow.

This is for the 8GB iPhone 3GS and of course, you’ll still need to get a data package from AT&T – which is really all they care about anyway – but still, $49 for an iPhone 3GS is hard to beat.

Again, I see this as a logical move for AT&T since they are about to lose their exclusivity on the iPhone as Verizon is about to come on board.

via Mashable

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