Live Streaming Church & Other Events on Facebook Fan Pages

Since Facebook has launched the new iFrame tabs for Facebook Fan Pages, a whole new world of opportunities has opened up for customizing Facebook page tabs.

The benefits of being able to integrate pure html, javascript, flash, and iframe embed code makes the customization of a Facebook Fan Page nearly unlimited.

This past Sunday was the second week now that we’ve streamed our church services live directly from our Facebook Fan Page.

Here’s a link to our ‘Live services page’.

And here’s a screen shot:

cornerstone church live streaming

I created this page of course using the new iFrame tabs capabilities.

Before the new update, a Facebook page integration like this nearly impossible.

I only wish I had taken a screen shot while we were streaming this Sunday – it would’ve added a much nicer presentation in the image above.

Starting with the tab name on the left – you can see that with the new iFrame tab apps for Facebook Fan Pages, it’s possible to add your own web icon to your custom tab.

I went with a small video camera icon, but you could add any image you’d like so long as it is at least 16×16 pixels.

Along the top of the live streaming page I placed a simple Facebook Fan Page box, but changed the button to “recommend”.

I’ve actually used this on all of the custom tabs we are building because we are want to take advantage of growing our Facebook Fan Page every chance we get.

Of course, directly in the middle is the live stream viewer. We are currently using Sermon Studio and Wirecast for our production.

To the right, using <div style=”float: right;”> tags, I added our live service times and a fully functional PayPal button that allows people to give online while watching the live broadcast.

Then along the bottom, you have the Facebook comments widget which I feel is critically important because people want to be able to engage in conversation while watching the live stream.

Live Streaming other events via Facebook Fan Pages

While this particular tab is built to stream our live church services, it is certainly possible to stream any live event directly on any Facebook Fan Page. Simply following the same format and structure, and live event can be broadcast from any Facebook Fan Page.

If you get a chance, come check out our services streaming on Sunday morning and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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