*Facebook Spam Alert* Creeper Tracker Pro (Don’t Click)

creeper tracker pro faceboo spam

One of the readers here at SMSEO contacted me about something that is happening on Facebook that was actually quite a shock to me.

He told me about a spam application on Facebook called Creeper Tracker Pro.

Creeper Tracker Pro apparently sends out, in mass, multiple messages to your friends on Facebook asking them to click on a link, upon which they will see an offer for “Creeper Tracker Pro”.

This software reportedly tells you about who on Facebook has been browsing through your Facebook profile and pictures.

But what really happens is once you click it, all of your friends get spammed instantly.

This is something that I’m sure Facebook will kill shortly, but for the time being, Creeper Tracker Pro is running wild on Facebook and blowing up a lot of people’s Facebook profiles.

Beware of Creeper Tracker Pro, and avoid clicking any links that look suspicious.

I’m surprised by this type of spam showing up on Facebook. This is something that resembles email spam from 5 – 10 years ago.

So have you seen Creeper Tracker Pro show up in your Facebook profile yet?

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