The #1 Rule To Attracting More Fans On Your Facebook Business Page

grow facebook fan pageIf you search Google hard enough, you’ll find an abundance of articles that tell you “10 reasons you need a Facebook Fan Page”, or “5 ways to get more fans” or, well… you get my point.

In my experience now of going on 2 years of growing my own Facebook fan page, consulting others, and being a part of explosive fan page growth with several clients, I’ve come to realize that their is only one tried and true method to growing your Facebook Fan Page.

It can all be summed up in one word – ACTIVITY.

In fact, the very algorithm that drives Facebook user’s newstreams leans heavily on “most recent activity”.

This means, the most recent and most relevant updates are what will be seen at the top of Facebook user’s newstreams.

Now apply this to your Facebook Fan Page, and it means that if you want your fan page seen by more people, which then attracts an ever increasing volume of fans, logic tells you that your page must become more active.

Let me share an example from one of the pages I run.

It’s for my tablet blog called, where I write occasionally about the musing of the tablet market.

So I don’t write everyday in this blog. In fact a couple of weeks can pass where I’ve written nothing at all.

But then there are moments where I create a lot of content in a very short period time, and of course all of this content is syndicated to my Tablet Crunch Facebook Fan Page.

There is a direct corelation, each and every time, between the increasing number of fans on my Tablet Crunch page and my activity on that page.

When I’m active on my Tablet Crunch Facebook page, fan numbers increase.

When I’m not active, the number of fans stalls.

It’s very simple actually, and again, it’s a function literally of the algorithm that drives rankings in users Facebook newstream.

The more active your Facebook page, and the more engaging your content is that’s coming from your page, the more fans you’ll get… period.

The less active you are with your page, proportionally the less fans you’ll see joining your page.

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