Facebook Just Released New “Insights For Websites” Real Time Analytics

facebook insights for websites real times analytics

Facebook just announced a new set of analytics tools for website owners called “Insights For Websites“.

You can get the PDF documentation at the link below.

I will be providing more updates about how website owners can leverage these new analytics tools in the near future. But for now, I wanted to introduce the new tool to you, and let you know that it exists.

Overview of the new “Insights For Websites” from Facebook

The overall concept of the the new Inisights for Websites is to give website owners real time data that will help them make better decisions about what content is being shared, and interacted with more throughout Facebook.

Obviously, the more interactive people are with particular pages within your website, the more compelling those pages are compared to your other pages throughout your website.

And it’s the pages within your site that are more active (more shared, liked, and commented on), are the ones you want to focusing on and creating more of.

Especially if you run a blog like this site.

Being able to see “social analytics” on every page throughout your site helps you realize what content, or articles, are working better than others.

Here’s what Facebook had to say about “Insights For Websites”:

Facebook Insights for Domains offers a consolidated view of key metrics for any website, even those that have not implemented Facebook Platform. For example, if a user linka to your site in their Facebook status message, that data is included in the analytics for your domain. You can access sharing metrics and demographic information per domain and per URL so you can optimize your content for sharing and better tailor your content to your audience.

Read Facebook’s “Insights For Websites” PDF guide here

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