How To Add Facebook’s New “Insights For Websites” To Your WordPress Blog

Facebook just released a new analytics tool for website owners called “Insights for Websites“.  This is an amazing tool for website owners to gain insightful traffic data and pattens into their site as it pertains to social media sharing and effectiveness.

With “Insights for Websites”, website owners can now do indepth analysis to see what pages within their sites are most popular within the Facebook graph.

As a manager of a WordPress site, I was of course instantly wanting to add my WordPress blog to the “Insights for Websites” dashboard.

When I first started, I was getting my butt kicked for about an hour or so because every time I tried to set my site, I would get an that read “bad request no data found”.

The trick here was that I needed to add a piece of code somewhere between the <head> and </head> tags.  But as you know, with a WordPress blog this isn’t as easy as one might think because of all the hooks and loops within the WordPress php code.

But I did finally figure it out, and here’s how I did it…

Here’s how to add your WordPress blog to the new Facebook “Insights for Websites” analytics tool:

1) Go to

2) In the upper right hand corner, click the green button that reads “Insights for your Website”

3) Enter the domain name into the “Domain Name” field.

Under the “Like With” drop down menu, you can select to link this to either your Facebook profile, a Facebook Fan Page, or a Facebook app – your choice.

If you select to link your website insights to a Facebook Fan Page or a Facebook App, then any other admins of those apps will be able to see your insights on your websites.

Once you select either your profile, page, or app to link your “insights for websites” to, you’ll see the corresponding “meta tag” underneath.  You’ll need this in a couple of minutes, so leave this tab open in your browser.

4) Now open up a new tab and go to your WordPress blog > login > and go to the “Plugins” tab on your dashboard.

5) Once you have the Plugins tab open on your WordPress dashboard, click “Add New”

6) In the search box, type in “Add Meta Tags” (without quotes).  Go ahead and install this plugin and activate it – its’ the plugin that has a 4-star rating.

7) Once you’ve activated the plugin, scroll down on the left hand side of your dashboard under “Settings” and find the plugin called “Meta Tags” > go ahead and click the “Meta Tags” plugin to open the settings dashboard.

8) Once your “meta tags” plugin loads, find the section that says:

Provide the full XHTML code of META tags you would like to be included in all of your blog pages.

In this section is where you’ll put the meta data line of code from your Insights for Websites page.

Just paste the code into that text box and hit “save”.

9) Now come back to your Facebook insights page where you have the pop up showing and hit “Get Insights”

This will then confirm your domain in the “Insights for Websites” dashboard and you’ll be able to very soon see massive amounts of Facebook insight data on your website.