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Rent & Watch Movies on Facebook – Coming Next Week?

batman the dark knight movie rentals on facebook** UPDATE **

Looks like this movie is available right now on Facebook!

Watch Batman: The Dark Knight on Facebook here

Online 30 Facebook credits ($3 USD)


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Mark Zuckerberg’s stated goal of Facebook is “to make everything social.”

From your website, to some of the largest blogs on the web, Facebook integration is becoming easier to implement and more widely adapted.

But who would’ve thought that we would see movie rentals become “social” as well?

It’s true!

According to┬áThomas Gewecke, Warner Bros. president of digital distribution, come next Tuesday movie rentals will be offered via Facebook starting with Christopher Nolan’s Batman: The Dark Knight.

What the second Batman movie?

Because this so happens to be one of the studio’s most popular movies with over 3 million registered fans on the movies Facebook Fan Page.

You’ll be able to rent the movie for 48 hours and watch it directly on Facebook for only $3.

And of course, the movie will be heavily integrated with the “Like”, share, and commenting plugins.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll even get discounts on future rentals based on your sharing activity.

via LATimes

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