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Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Page Hacked

Social Media’s poster boy, Mark Zuckerberg, founder and Chief Executive of Facebook was at the receiving end of what was initially considered a prank, when his Facebook profile page was hacked by an IT security Researcher from Palestine, named Khalil … Continued

Why Was Mark Zuckerberg Sued?

There’s a new lawsuit which is stating that Mark Zuckerberg made a quick billion off of inside information.  The class action lawsuit claims the 28-year-old CEO had inside info that the stock was grossly overvalued, and he protected his own … Continued

Facebook Claimant Paul Ceglia hires new lawyers

The New York man, Paul Ceglia is not giving up on his attempt to prove that he owns 50% of the 100 billion dollar company, Facebook.  He recently hired new lawyers to handle the case against Zuckerberg. Ceglia made the … Continued

Winklevoss Twins Just Won’t Give Up on Facebook

Wow, the Winklevoss twins just refuse to stop hammering Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. Just a day after dropping the suit that would have gone to the Supreme Court, the Winklevii have opened another law suit against Zuckerberg and Facebook. Filed … Continued