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Google May Take Another Shot At Social Networking with “Google Circles”

google circles

In the world of social networking, there is one dominant tech name that has remained pretty much non-existent, and that is Google.  This is a bit shocking to me, actually, considering the amount of money and “nerd” resources at their disposal.  I would have thought by now a Google social network would be competing with Facebook.  But the closest Google has come so far to a social network is Google Buzz – which was I’m sure, considered a failure by Google.  Not only did Google Buzz not catch on in large scale, it created more of a legal mess for Google than anything else.

Google is now rumored to be getting ready to take another stab at social networking with a platform called “Google Circles.”  From what I understand, Google Circles, according to PC World, will allow people to share photos, videos, and status messages with people in their social circle. Google’s site will be unique, the speculation goes, because it will seek to understand how we relate to our various social networking friends, determine how truly close to them we are, then adjust the amount of content we share with those people.

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