11 Pages Of Apps Max on iPhone 3GS

iphone homepages 11 pages of apps

Ok, so first let me premise this with the fact that I have four kids who all love my iPhone – one actually has an iPhone, so I’m still trying to figure out why mine is so much cooler.

Anyway, I’ve noticed recently that when I add a new app to my iPhone – which is an iPhone 3GS by the way – the app doesn’t appear on any of the pages on my iPhone.

You know, the homepage pages that you have to flip left to see additional apps…?

I realized that after installing a few more apps, and having to search for those apps by flipping right > typing in the app name in the search bar, that I obviously maxed out the number of pages that my iPhone will display.

And that number is 11, at least on my iPhone.

So apparently the iPhone can only have a maximum of 11 pages of apps display on the iPhone.

Once those 11 pages are maxed, the apps will still install, but you’ll have to use the search bar on the iPhone to retrieve them.

I know what you’re saying… “why don’t you just use the folders and start collecting them together, then you’ll free up the app spaces?”

I’ve done that before, but once again, I have four kids who love my iPhone. And innevitably, somehow… even magically, those folders were undone and the apps went back to running free on my iPhone!

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