*WANTED* Students & Entrepreneurs To Partner with SMSEO

For Students: We are always trying to help people by publishing content about their tech startups, apps, and new ventures.  I thought it would be a great idea to also help out college students – both at the undergraduate, graduate, and even doctoral level.

For Enterpreneurs: if you are a tech startup, or just an individual, who has a great idea for an online business, a mobile app, social media integration, or some other great tech concept, this program is perfect for you.

SMSEO’s Student & Entrepreneur Awareness Program

Here’s how it works:

If you are a student, or an entrepreneur, you can now submit your papers and other content to SMSEO for review and publication on our site.

Let’s say you are a computer science major, or you’re taking a class on beginner’s java programming. You write a lot of papers each semester that you turn in for a grade, but wouldn’t it be more productive for you to actually get your work published so that other people can benefit from your knowledge?

Or let’s say you are an entrepreneur or programmer with a great app, or great tech startup idea, but you currently have nowhere to publish your ideas that would give you a large audience of readers, potential customers, and even better… potential investors – you can now submit your ideas for publication here at SMSEO.

Why would you want to submit your papers to SMSEO?

By submitting your papers to SMSEO, you’ll gain a high level of exposure to people interested in all things related to technology, social media, the internet, and applications.

SMSEO reaches over 200,000 readers each month with a fast, growing audience of nearly 5,000 fans on Facebook.

Some of the readers here at SMSEO are avid consumers of technology and apps, and some are business owners and even venture capitalists who may be interested in contacting you about the ideas you’ve written about.

Signature Block & Links

Each time SMSEO publishes content about you, your business, app, etc… we can include a signature block that has information about you (you, your busienss, etc…) and maximum of two (2) links in that signature block.  Your two links can point to whatever is most effective for you (i.e. your website, Facebook Fan Page, iTunes app URL, etc…)

Would we ever sell  your papers?

Absolutely not!  Our objective in launching this program is two-fold:

1) We get to help students and entreprenuers by providing a large audience of readers who would love to learn more about your thoughts, ideas, and concepts.  This is solely to help you, the student and entrepreneur, to achieve more exposure and help you reach others who can help you in your endeavors.

2) Your content helps SMSEO grow our online audience and presence with the type of readership we’ve been building since day one – those who are passionate about technology, the internet, and social media, and businesses who are striving to be more effective at deploying technology to build their bottom line.

How do learn more about submitting papers?

If you are interested in submitting your papers, articles, and other content to SMSEO, contact us here

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