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Why I’m About To Ditch My iPhone & Go Android

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I’ve owned the iPhone since 2007, so you can’t be hammering me on not being an iPhone fan for what I’m about to say below – I’ve owned the iPhone longer than most…

My biggest problem has really been the last year or so since I’ve been using my iPhone without a case.

Whenever I try to hold the iPhone between my shoulder and my ear – so that my hands can be free – my ear will hit the “Mute” button (located in the top left corner of the call dashboard).

The problem is there is nothing indicating me that my iPhone has just gone mute. The only way I know is when, after about 20 seconds, the person on the other end is saying “hello…. hello…” as if I hung up on them. ¬†Of course, I didn’t – my iPhone just went mute without me knowing it.

Drive me absolutely crazy!!!

Also, considering the fact that I run this blog, and having a wider range knowledge of the leading smartphones on the market will be a huge boost for me as well.

So with all that, I’m considering making the switch to an Android phone and saying goodbye to my iphone after over 4 years of iPhone bliss.

What do you think?

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Bobby, I agree w/your logic as a tech blogger. And there are plenty of apps and services for both. I’ll be very interested in your unbiased comparison of the two since most stuff written reminds me of the typical PC gearheads arguing w/Mac fanboys for the past 25 years. BTW, I’ll probably stick w/my iP4 and my MacBook Air.

Hi Randy – yeah, I can’t really say that I’m a Mac fanboy or a PC gearhead
(if that’s the right term), since I work on both so frequently.

The easy thing would be for me to buy a case for the iPhone, but the
features on the Android phones are starting to out pace the iPhone.

For example: on the Droid phones you have voice to text commands, turn by
turn “audio” navigation, and other Google voice to “action” apps.

Apple has yet to make any of these features standard on the iPhone. And
although you may be able to find an alternative with an app, apps can be up
or down depending on the developer.

Anyway – I haven’t decided yet, but definitely the more my iPhone mutes on
me while I’m talking, the more frustrated I get with it!

Thanks for commenting Randy

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