A New Final Cut Pro Cometh?

final cut pro event

The Las Vegas SuperMeet – a Final Cut Pro user group event – schedule is supposedly be altered by none other than Apple themselves. This is creating a whirlwind of speculation that Apple is getting ready to release a new version of Final Cut Pro.

Some of the big names that have been axed from the lineup of presenters are Canon and Avid.  The logic goes, if big names like this are being blocked by Apple so that Apple has more stage time, then the announcement must be substantial.

None of the sponsors who were scheduled to appear on stage have been bumped, freeing up the entire stage time for Apple.

A Canon rep had this to say, “I can’t imagine any news that would warrant this kind of “take-over” other than to announce and demonstrate the next full version of Final Cut Pro and possibly an entirely newly designed FCS4.

via ProVid

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