Business vs – Is It Really “Paid vs Free”?

About a week ago, BusinessInsider released a chart showing that has surged past in web traffic.  HuffingPost’s unique visitors have topped unique visitors by nearly 2 million per month – an impressive feat indeed.

One AOL insider put it like this:  “6 years to disrupt 100 years.”  Obviously making a comparison between web based content sites and traditional media companies.

Here’s the chart:

paid vs free content

It was pointed out quickly by The New York Times that the surge in traffic at is attributed to the redirects coming from AOL (remember AOL purchased earlier this year).

Although that may be true, however you cut it, is getting more traffic than – period.

I can’t help but also wondering if, on a larger scale, this isn’t attributed to the fact that allows readers to access their content for free, while has created a pay wall – meaning, they are now charging to access content via the web.

So is this really a “paid vs. free” content clash that we are seeing, with and being at the forefront of the issue?


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