Apple Is Promoting The Square iPad App In Their “iPad How To” Podcast

apple square payment system

Looks like Square has a new friend.

And that friend goes by the name of Apple!

Apple just released a new “iPad How To” video in their “iPad How To Podcast” that shows users how to leverage the Square payment processing system on the iPad.

The fact that Apple is now, in affect, promoting the Square payment solution is a really big deal for Square.  Apple specifically recommends the payment product to help users process cash and credit cards transactions directly on their iPads.

Is the iPad the next cash register?

According to TechCrunch, Square is already processing $3 million in payments per day, is reportedly raising $50 million-plus in new funding at a whopping $2 billion valuation. And the company just added Vinod Khosla and Larry Summers to its board.

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