iPhone 5 Processor Chip Has Overheating Problem, Could Cause Delay

iphone 5 overheating

A Chinese newspaper,, is reporting that the Apple iPhone 5 launch could be delay due to the A5 processor chip overheating.

The iPhone 5 launch has been expected in the United States sometime around September. ¬†However, with the manufacturers unable to keep the A5 processor chip cool within the iPhone’s small chassis, a delay is imminent until this problem is resolved.

I can’t imagine an issue like a processor overheating is going to delay the iPhone 5 from launching on schedule. ¬†It’s not like this is the first iPhone Apple has launched, nor is it the first problem Apple has faced regarding iPhone manufacturing.

I would expect the September launch to remain on schedule, but I’ll post more information as I get it.

via IBT

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