Welcome To Snippets – SMSEO’s Community News & Opinion Column

I’m so excited to announce our new program called Snippets.

Snippets is a news and opinion column where you get to add your own content to our site.

Here’s some ideas of what to contribute:

* breaking news stories on anything and everything
* your opinion on the latest tech gadgets
* voice your complaints on the latest tech gadgets
* ask the community for help on something like your computer, Facebook Fan Page, etc…

Snippets is a community news and opinion column for you, the SMSEO reader!

Enjoy Snippets and start adding your content now.

You can also see snippets that others have submitted here.

* P.S. You might be wondering what exactly is a snippet. A snippet is, according to Wikipedia, a programming term for a small region of re-usable source code, machine code or text. And I’m calling this community column “Snippets” because, well, it just sounds cool I guess.

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