AT&T Selling iPhone 3’s For $9, Making Way for iPhone 5

apple iphone 3 att

Wait a minute, did you just read that title right?  Did it really just say that AT&T is selling the iPhone 3 for only $9?

That’s right folks 0 $9 iPhone 3’s for sale – check it out right here.

AT&T is slashing the prices of refurbished iPhone 3’s and selling them online for only $9.  It gets better than that actually, you can get slightly blemished refurb’d iPhone 3’s for as low as $.01.  You can definitely expect the iPhone 4 to soon follow suit.  The iPhone 4 is currently selling for only $199 – and a white iPhone 4 to boot.

So what’s all this dumping of iPhone inventory all about anyway?  Well folks, there’s only one logical reason and that’s to make way for the new Apple iPhone 5.

The iPhone 5 is expected to hit the shelves at AT&T and Verizon sometime in September, according to most rumors that are out there.  And Apple needs the iPhone 5 to sell, and sell in large scale.

So for now, AT&T is dumping their inventory of what’s now considered old iPhone’s to make way for the new.  Are you going to be picking up with of these dramatically discounted iPhone 3’s?

via DailyFinance

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