Verizon Dumping iPhone 4 Accessories, Suggests iPhone 5 Design Is Different

iphone 4 acceessories verizon

Right on the heels of the news that AT&T is slashing the prices on iPhone 3’s to clear out inventory for the coming iPhone 5, there is now news out that Verizon is following suit. ¬†Except this interesting twist from Verizon Wireless involves the dumping of iPhone 4 accessories and iPhone 4 accessory bundles.

Of course clearing out iPhone inventory – both iPhone 3 and 4 devices and accessories – seems logical in order to make room for the coming iPhone 5. But what’s interesting is when looked at a little deeper, you realize that if Verizon Wireless is dumping iPhone 4 accessories then we must know that the Apple iPhone 5 is going to have a different shape and design.

There’s been talk before about the iPhone 5 being thinner and lighter than the iPhone 4. ¬†And with Verizon Wireless dumping their accessory bundles, this seems even more logical.

If all of the iPhone 5 rumors are true, and the release date is somewhere around September, then you can expect to see a lot more dumping of older iPhone devices and accessories – especially if the iPhone 5’s design is dramatically different than all previous models.

via BGR

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