Is The Google+ Party Over?

google plus traffic usGoogle+ came on the scene like a category 5 hurricane plowing into South Beach!  Member signups exploded on Google+, and sharing content went through the roof.

In fact, Google+ was growing so fast that the biggest story line was how Facebook will soon become the next MySpace.

This story line became so popular that there was even a parody created called Tom From MySpace Meets Mark Zuckerber in a Bar to Talk About Google+.

However, all of the excitement and explosive growth that Google+ experienced could be coming to an abrupt halt.  According to Experian Hitwise, a web stats and tracking firm, Google+ logged 1.79 million visits  in the United States the previous week, which amounts to a 3% decline over the previous week.

Compare this to the 283% growth that Google+ saw the week before.

Traffic however wasn’t the only negative number that Google+ posted.  The site saw a 10% drop in time spent on the site per user as well to just over 5 minutes.

So is the Google+ party over?

Or is this just a speed bump in the path of Google+ becoming a dominant social media force on the web?

via TNW

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