Seth Godin’s Word of the Day: Excoriate

seth godins word of the dayI love Seth Godin and look forward to reading his daily blog post each morning.  In fact, it’s always one of the first emails I open each day.  I’ve noticed, however, that in his blog posts, he will occasionally drop a seriously heavy word on his readers.  I have found myself, numerous times, having to Google a word that he’s used because, quite frankly, it’s a word I’ve never heard of before!

So today, for some strange reason, I’ve decided to start a new column called Seth Godin’s Word of the Day.  I’m only hoping that each day, in his blog posts, he drops a heavy enough of a word to write about.  So let’s get started with post #1 for Seth Godin’s Word of the Day.

Seth Godin’s Word of the Day:  excoriate

Sentence used (from Seth himself):  We shouldn’t be so quick to excoriate those companies that launch interactive tools that fail.

Definition: (via Google)


1. Censure or criticize severely.
2. Damage or remove part of the surface of (the skin).

Read Seth’s entire blog post today here.

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