Carl Icahn Made $415 Million Over The Weekend with Motorola Shares (NYSE:MMI)

carl icahn google motorola1

There are obvious winners in today’s news about Google acquiring Motorola Mobility for $40 per share, or $12.5 billion in cash.  And there is no one more of a winner today than the iconic investor Carl Icahn.

Carl Icahn owns 26.8 million shares of Motorola Mobility (NYSE:MMI).  And when Google announced an acquisition of Motorola Mobility at a premium of $40 per share ($15 more than the closing price on Friday of approx. $25 per share), Carl Icahn made about $415 million in that transaction.

I would say that Carl Icahn made a good decision in becoming a major share holder in Motorola.  However, the acquisition of these shares occurred in 2006 and a lot of has been done since then to get Motorola to the level where it is today.

Regardless, Carl Icahn is now nearly a half a billion dollars richer!

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