Apple iPad Has 94.5% of Tablet Market, All Other Tablets Struggle

Apple launched the first iPad back in April of 2010.  And just like that, literally overnight, the tablet market was formed.  Soon, competitors like Samsung, Sony, RIM (makers of Blackberry), and even Google with their Android OS, started scrambling trying to figure out what they needed to do to respond to this new paradigm in personal computing.

Well here we are nearly one and half years later and even though the competitive landscape has filled up with other tablet devices, nothing still comes close to the overbearing grip that Apple has on the market with the iPad.

To date, Apple has a dominant 94.5% stronghold on the tablet market.  The next closest is the HP TouchPad with 10.4%, then follows the Samsung Tab 10.1 (8.3%) and the Motorola Xoom (8.5%).

Here’s a chart showing the scale of marketshare that the iPad commands versus all other tablets:

apple ipad marketshare

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